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Work Ethics

I often think about the value people has been creating by inspiring others such as bringing the best of each team member during the project execution. It is true that we are in the ‘survival’ mode most of the time where you simply want to finish your task and just go home. But rarely you encounter a someone who can see your strength and help you to use them in the best possible way.

I was fortunate to work with successful managers who values me as a person and help me grow in all aspects of life. Not only they understand my struggles when dealing with technical issues but they also help me to see life in a different angle.

Before I turned to 30s, I believed that as long as I have the best knowledge or skills in particular engineering field, then I will be happy. Such as working on a cutting edge project or understanding complex mathmetical algorithms, excites me! The truth is that managerial skills is more important as you progress your career as field engineer. So I start to see how I can be a better engineer by leading and working with people.

Being a field engineer is hard when you are dealing with all kinds of harsh weathers. I remember that one Pennsylvania winter and working with boilermakers on 100 feet height with windchill -10 degrees. My toes become numb after an hour standing there and I had to do squats to keep the blood pumping. The structure being rigged was half covered with snow, the surface is slippery, and tied-off point is not safe. I watch Dave and Wesley working the structrual panel making it fit with the chainfall and come-along. I suddenly felt a sense of pride! These guys built America and make this country’s infrastructure great. Their risk their lives and damaging their health working all year with tools to build a country where rest of us can have a warm house to sleep in where we can turn on the oven to make thanksgiving turkey.

I don’t see that kind of work ethic in the office and I don’t feel the sense of pride in my stress analysis calculation tabulated in Excel sheets.

Work hard guys and be safe out there!

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