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Confined Space

Disclaimer: Please do not use this information for training purpose, I will not be responsible for any way you use this information regarding to your safety. I am simply describing the condition for field engineers during project execution.

As field engineer, you will be expected to enter a confined space for inspection purpose or solve equipment issues.

Insects and animals, falling objects, slick and wet surfaces, noise, hazardous and combustible gases, engulfment, sharp objects, unstable scaffolds, caught between structural members, low visibility and undiscovered objects, dust, remanant heat from the boiler.

There are many horrific stories of how workers die from all the hazards listed above. It is very dangerous and please do not take it lightly what you do.

As Field Engineer, a lot of times you will be climbing ladders that can be 90 feet elevation, crawling in tight and dusty spaces, acrobatically fit through structural members, your knee can hit many sharp objects and your hard hat can bump into beams, and you can be in that space for 10 to 12 hours long depends on the nature of the work.

Make sure there is air monitor and read through the permit if you can. Sometimes there will be a rescue plan but most of time it is not strictly followed. If the company doesn’t follow the safety rules and you can refuse to perform the work.

Let’s imagine you break your arm and it is really hard to get a hurt human body out of the confined space because of the entry is so small. So if you are excessively overweight, it is not safe for you to be in a space like that. Engineers might be better design confined spaces as such but there is always unforeseen accidents.

I normally look at the internal drawings or the spaces I am going into and give myself a good mental picture of the environment.

I have encountered cases where I am not comfortable going into a space and I simply refused to work until they fixed the hazardous condition. If you don’t trust the rescue crew or if you don’t feel comfortable about the condition then just say no. Don’t risk your life and always think that you want to go home safely everyday to be with your family and to see your wife and kids.

Be safe out there and have fun!

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