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Intro to DCS

I am going to write a tutorial series that gives basic understanding of DCS (Distributed Control System) which is used in combined cycle power plants and many other industrial environments. Your job responsibility might only be scoped in construction and you are not involved in any commissioning activities, but I think it is still beneficial to understand the control logics. Here are three reason you might consider: You will be better at troubleshooting equipment failures that are caused by the logic errors or the process. You will have deeper appreciation of how important each equipment is to successfully starting a HRSG. You will have more understanding of inner working of control valves and instruments which will help you to do piping or structural in a manageable way. This tutorial series will be consisted of five parts. I will start from the basics to more advance topics, so depends on your level of understanding, you are welcome to leave comments or ask questions. I am not an expert but I do know people I can refer to for better technical information. Following is the five topics that I will cover:

  1. Basic operators, logic gates, and function blocks
  2. functions and timers for calculating flows, pressure, and temperature.
  3. valves operator, flow meters, and drum level compensation
  4. PID controllers and duct burners
  5. simulating a HRSG startup sequence

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